AK Entertainments into digital space with the country's biggest novel franchise

Top production house AK Entertainments produced a series of blockbuster films over the years. Anil Sunkara is now making his OTT debut with Shadow series, one of the best thriller novels of the country. B Madhu Babu, the genius behind the Shadow Series already approved the plan and AK Entertainments is busy with the web series. The franchise will start rolling soon and the production house will make an official announcement about the same very soon.

'Shadow' happens to be one of the best novels and Anil Sunkara felt that it would be a great idea if this can be made for digital platforms. The discussions are on from the past few months and things are finalized recently. "We are very to announce our foray into the OTT Platform with #ShadowSeries! Taking forward the legacy of the biggest hero of our telugu novels #SHADOW by Mr.Madhu Babu, and bringing it to you in the visual form.. SUPER EXCITED!" posted AK Entertainments. More details to be announced soon.

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