Farmer Kandre Balaji PresentedApple Box to CM KCR

Kendre Balaji, the farmers from Komaram Bhim Asifabad district in the State who cultivated Apples for the first time in the State, presented the CM with a box of apples and an apple sapling. Sri Balaji gave this unique gift to CM at Pragathi Bhavan here on Tuesday on the occasion of state formation day and congratulated the CM. Sri Balaji said that he was cultivating HR 99 Apple in a 2 acre land in Dhanora village in Kerameri Mandal in Komaram Bhim Asifabad district. He said the State’s Horticulture department is giving him a lot of support and help. With the support from the CM, he said he would focus more on the Apple orchids. The CM congratulated Sri Balaji on this occasion.
          The CM said that the Telangana has a variety of soils can be realised from the fact that Apple is cultivated in the State.
-Press note

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