Hon’ble Governor calls for strengthening of Alumni networks in universities

Hon’ble Governor Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan on Thursday directed the universities in the State to strengthen the alumni network and ensure their participation in development of the universities. Old students are the good human and economic resources for educational institutions, she added.
Reviewing activities of the Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad, through video conference with the university officials, from the Raj Bhavan, here, she stated that “Alumni of the universities are untapped resources and it is time that we create, strengthen and ensure their bigger role in the development of the universities.”
Narrating her own experience as a student of the Madras Medical College, Chennai, she explained that when the college’s Anatomy Lab built during the British period was about to be demolished the students of the prestigious medical college successfully sought the help of alumni.  “As a result, huge amounts of donations were mobilized to prevent the possible demolition of that prestigious Anatomy Lab,” she narrated.
The Governor stated that alumni of the universities should take care of their institutions as they do take care of their parents. The institution must also get benefited by the students. The contributions of the old students can be used for setting up of digital class rooms, digital libraries and other buildings.
Referring to the possibility of examinations in higher educational institutions during the pandemic, Dr Soundararajan sought different alternatives like online examinations or assessment to conduct examinations for the students. “There must be some sort of assessment or examination for the students. At the same time, students’ safety is of utmost importance,” she added.
The Governor came up with the mantra of 4Es- Enjoy, Educate, Employ and Empower-for the students of universities and there must be career guidance and placement cells in all the universities to offer the skill training to the students.
She stated that her dream was to turn the Telangana State as the leading State in the field of higher education in the country and universities must get streamlined and offer credible, meaningful and quality education. 
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