Protect Nature and Nature will Protect Us: Governor

Hyderabad, June 23: “If we live with nature and protect the nature, the present predicament of forced living with Corona virus would not have happened,” said Governor Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan.
She stated, “We distance ourselves from nature and disturb it, the pandemic situations like the present one will happen.”
Reviewing the functioning Sri Konda Laxman Horticultural University and the Satavahana University, with the functionaries of the universities from Raj Bhavan through two separate videoconferences, here, on Tuesday, she said that agriculture and horticulture are our cultures.
Calling upon the scientists at the Horticulture University to intensify the research on Palm and Palm products, she appreciated the government for its initiatives on popularizing and promoting palm products and for proposing to develop oxygen parks to give the much-needed lung space for the urban population.
Stressing on the need to carry out further research on medicinal and aromatic plants, the Governor said that it is high time for us rediscover and re-grow many useful herbs that extinct or on the verge of extinction as many herbs and medicinal plants contribute immensely to our immunity and we need to develop them and make them available.
Referring to the reviews of the universities, she said that they were basically aimed at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the educational institutions. “I am a doctor, first I would concentrate on the diagnosis and then  I will decide on the treatment,” she added.
“The government is also keen to develop universities. The universities need to take a proactive role in achieving better ranking at the national and international level,” she added.
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