Rahugrasta Choodamani Surya Grahanam Japa Yagnam Held at Tirumala for the Well Being of Humanity

Tirumala, 21 Jun. 20: To promote global peace and seeking good health for the entire humanity, TTD has organized Rahugrasta Choodamani Surya Grahana Japa Yajnam in the Swamy Pushkarini at Tirumala on Sunday.

The partial Solar Eclipse was observed between 10:18am till 1:38pm. Till this time the unique Japa Yagnam was carried with utmost devotional fervour in the temple tank.

HH Sri Pedda Jiyar Swamy, HH Sri Chinna Jiyar Swamy of Tirumala, EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal, Additional EO Sri AV Dharma Reddy, Veda Vignana Peetham Principal Sri KSS Avadhani, Archakas of Srivari temple, Jeeyangars, Veda Parayanadars and TTD senior officials participated. 

As the Grahanam lasted for over three and a half hours, the sacred programme is divided into six halves. In the first half, the Jeeyangars, their staff and Srivari temple Archakas chanted the Astakshari Mantra-"Om Namo Narayanaya" and Dwadasakshari Mantra-"Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya" between 10:18am and 11.00am.

In the second half, the Veda Parayanmdars of Srivari temple recited the Sri Purusha Suktam between 11am and 11:30am.

In the half, between 11.30 am and 12.00noon, the Veda Pundits of Dharmagiri Veda Vijnana Peetham presented the Sri Sukta Parayanam.

As a part of the holy Japa in the fourth half, the Scheme Veda Parayanamdars recited Sri Narayana Suktam between 12noon and 12:30pm and in fifth phase they recited Sri Dhanvanthri Mantra Japam between 12:30pm and 1pm.

In the final half, between 1pm and 1:38pm the Scheme Veda parayanadars chanted the Dasa Shanti Mantra. SVBC is live telecasting the entire programme for the sake of global devotees. 

Srivari Seva volunteers also participated in observing social distance.


Speaking to media, TTD Agama Advisor Sri Mohana Rangacharyulu said, the Choodamani Surya Grahanam is so auspicious as it occurred on Sunday. Chanting divine namams on this day will yield prosperity to the entire humanity, he added.

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