Akhanda Pradhama Sarga Sundrakanda Pathanam on 7th July For World Health and Prosperity - TTD Addl. Eo

Tirumala, 6 Jul. 20: Akhanda Pradhama Sarga Sundarakanda Pathanam will be conducted at the Nada Neerajanam platform on July 7 seeking global health and prosperity.

Speaking about the unique Pathanam, the Additional EO said Srivari darshan had resumed at Tirumala from June 8 onwards with all necessary corona restrictions.

He said the Sundarakanda Pathanam was taken up by the TTD for relieving humanity from pandemic COVID-19.

The devotees recited the slokas and were imparted the significance and meaning with 10 slokas per day and the Pradhama Sarga Sundarakanda Pathanam concluded on Monday.

As per the legend of Ramayana penned by Sage Valmiki in Pradhama Sarga that Hanumanta had surged from Mahendragiri and reached Lanka passing all demon armies. 

He said all arrangements were made for Pathanam of 211 shlokas on Monday. It is believed that such Pathanam will please Lord Hanumanta, His Master Sri Ramachandra and Sri Venkateswara an avatar of Sri Ramachandra will save humanity from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Additional EO said on Tuesday from 7 is Akhanda Pradhama Sarga Sundarakanda Pathanam will be conducted for 70-80 minutes at a rate of 3 shlokas per minutes. He appealed to all devotees to perform the Pathanam as all shlokas penned by sage Valmiki are sacred verses and the pdf of all slokas is available in SVBC website, www.svbcttd.com
He said as many as 6.5 crore devotees globally including one crore devotees in both Telugu states are following the Pathanam which is live telecasted by the SVBC every day. He said the positive vibes that emerge when all these millions of voices recite the powerful slokas across the globe will definitely provide strength to everyone to tide over the difficulties especially from Coronavirus.

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