Saroj Khan Gari Absence Will Leave A Huge Void In Indian Cinema - Gunasekhar

Famous Choreographer Saroj Khan (71) passes away today.  She is suffering breathe related problems and breathed her last due to cardiac arrest on the wee hours of Friday (July 3rd) leaving the entire film industry in a sad state of sorrow. Saroj Khan has choreographed more than 2,000 thousand songs in her four decades of super successful career. She won National Award for three times as The Best Choreographer for 'Dola Re Dola' song from 'Devdas', 'Ek Do Teen' featuring Madhuri Dixit in 'Tezaab', 'Ye Ishq Hai' from 'Jab We Met'. Saroj Khan choreographed for Chiranjeevi starrer 'Chudalani Vundi' in Telugu. She composed dance movements for 'O Maria.. O Maria' song in that film. Director Gunasekhar remembered working with her.

" I worked with Saroj Khan garu for 'Chudalani Vundi' film in 1998. She choreographed two songs for the film. When I told Ashwini Dutt garu that I wanted Saroj Khan garu to dance compose 'O Maria.. O Maria' song, He immediately agreed and said that he will talk to her. She was a busy choreographer in India. But, still in her busy schedule she got excited when she came to know that it is Chiranjeevi gari film. Because Chiranjeevi garu will enhance the efforts of choreographers with his dance moments. Those were the career beginning days for Me and Mani Sharma. After listening to the song, Saroj Khan garu asked about the music composer. When she came to know that an upcoming music director, Mani Sharma has composed that song, she said that she liked the rhythms and also said that he will become a big music director in the future. When she came to Hyderabad and saw the set erected by Thota Tharani garu, She liked it instantly. 'Chudalani Vundi' was my fourth film. It was like a big achievement for me directing Megastar Chiranjeevi garu in my early stage of career. So, I used to carefully monitor casting, photography, art departments. She liked my commitment and encouraged me. While shooting 'O Maria.. O Maria' song, we were impressed for the way she composed the song and Chiranjeevi gari graceful dancing skills for her movements. Unit members used to clap for ever shot of that song. Our whole team enjoyed a lot while filming that song. The audience in theatres enjoyed the song more than us after the release. The Government  has also awarded Nandi Award to Saroj Khan garu for that song. She not only compose beautiful dance movements but also captures the right expressions for the song. So,  I asked Dutt garu and made her compose another song 'Abbabba Muddu' for 'Chudalani Vundi'. The audience were thrilled with Soundarya gari expressions and Chiranjeevi gari grace movements while watching the song in theatres. That song has paved a way for a new trend and it is still continuing. Though she is a well established and Legendary Choreographer she always encourages new talent. Her absence is a huge loss not only for our industry but for the entire Indian Cinema. I pray that her soul to rest in peace."

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