Short film "Manasa Namaha" gets international recognition

The short film ‘Manasa Namaha’ which is a heartwarming love tale, has
released on YouTube and is creating a storm on the internet. Written
and directed by Deepak Reddy, ‘Manasa Namaha’ is all about a
youngster’s emotions when in a relationship in various stages of his
But it's the director Deepak’s narration that is major highlight of
this short film. Not just the common audience, ‘Manasa Namaha’ even
impressed the celebrities. The likes of Anushka Shetty, Rashmika
Thaman, Adivi Sesh and director Sukumar were blown away this breezy
romantic drama. The mentioned celebs have taken to their social media
handle and appreciated the film for its sensibilities. Director
Gautham Menon has taken it a step forward and dubbed and presented the
film in tamil and released it in his own production Ondraga

Now ‘Manasa Namaha’ is getting international recognition and so far
the film has bagged more than 90 awards globally. In the leading
online film festival, ‘Top Shorts,’ the film has been selected as Best
Short film in romance category.
Also in the International Sound & Film Music Festival (ISFMF), only 15
short films were picked from all over the world and in this, ‘Manasa
Namaha’ got a place which is a huge achievement.

ISFMF will be held in Pula Amphitheatre this year and for this
festival, The Board,jury at this festival are OSCAR & BAFTA winners,
The Films won over here in the previous editions have got qualified
and won oscars too. Pula Arena has Roman times theatre and to get
screened at such a prestigious festival is nothing short of milestone.
Congratulations to Deepak Reddy and team.

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