T.S. Medical and Health Department established COVID-19 Call centre

The state government has set up a dedicated call centre for the public to provide counselling and care instructions to Covid 19 patients, both asymptomatic/Pre-symptomatic and isolation cases.  It is being followed up on day to day basis up to 17 days in normal circumstances.  Tele-medicine consultations for mildly symptomatic cases is also being provided.  Distress management through 24x7 inbound calls are also being addressed.  Emergency management through 108 linkup and transfer facility to the hospital is being provided.
          The call centre is working in two shifts.  The capacity has been enhanced to take up 10,000 calls a day.  The inbound call centre is a 20 seater emergency care centre (1800 599 4455) working in three shifts with an enhanced capacity to handle up to 1500 calls daily.  A  telemedicine call centre attends1000 calls daily and providing information to around ten thousand Covid patients who are under home isolation. The precautions to be taken, information about balanced diet besides enquiring about their health conditions as well as providing timely advise and suggestions are provided by the call centre.
In order to further scale up the operations, the 104 call centre is being upgraded and will have dedicated 75 seats identified for outbound calls.  Dedicated trained professionals comprising 200 tele callers and 75 doctors are being deployed.  Quality monitoring teams with a built up capacity to handle up to 20,000 follow up calls and distress calls is also being set up in the state.
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