TTD Files Criminal Case Against False Campaigners in Social Media

Tirumala, 20 Jul. 20: Over the complaint by the TTD vigilance department,  a criminal case has been registered at Two- town Police Station in Tirumala against the false campaign in social media on Monday.

TTD vigilance had identified two postings on the Hindu-Hindutva page in Facebook, carrying such malafide content both text and caricature charging TTD of non- Hindu religious campaign allegedly with AP government backing.

Contending that such baseless postings were aimed at damaging the sentiments of Srivari devotees and mudslinging on the AP Government,  the senior officials directed the TTD Vigilance department to register a police complaint against the perpetrators of social media.

TTD has also said action will be taken even on those who forward such false, malicious postings to other groups either knowingly or unknowingly also.

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