TTD Files Police Complaint in the Sapthagiri Magazine Malafide Posting Issue

Tirupati, 6 Jul. 20: TTD has lodged a complaint with the police when a malafide issue has come to its notice that a booklet belonging to other religion has been allegedly dispatched along with the Sapthagiri magazine to a devotee in Guntur with an intention to defame the present TTD management.

Hence to expose the conspiracy theory behind this entire episode by some vested elements, TTD has filed a police complaint seeking a thorough investigation in the case.

It may be noted that the Sapthagiri magazine is packed, weighed, pasted address and dispatched by the Postal authorities only for whom the TTD paid them Rs.1.05 for each copy in addition to the postal charges. Since the postal department sent it in Book-post format there is no sealing of the packets.

Following the above issue, TTD enquired on phone with Sapthagiri readers of other districts of AP and found out that such a happening of a booklet of other religion has not been received by anyone of them as alleged. 

Therefore the TTD has taken a serious note of the malafide intentions behind the above issue and acted strongly.

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