Virataparva - Loka Kalyana Parayanam Commences at Tirumala

Tirumala, 15 Jul. 20:As a part of its spiritual mission to weed off ill effects of Corona Covid 19 virus from across the world, TTD has commenced Virataparvam-Loka Kalyana Paryanam at Tirumala on Wednesday evening.

Speaking on the inaugural day of Virataparva Parayanam, TTD EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal said, after successfully taking forward Yoga Vasishtyam, Veda Parayanam and Sundarakanda Patanam, TTD has now embarked upon yet another spiritual fete, the recitation of the slokas of Virataparvam from the epic Maha Bharatam. 

The idea of organising series of Parayanams and telecasting them live on SVBC popped up with the suggestions from devotees and today crores of devotees are following our live programme across the world',  he maintained. 

Additional EO and MD of SVBC Sri AV Dharma Reddy said, Virataparvam in Mahabharata is unique as it was in the Royal Court of King Virata, the Pancha Pandavas had successfully completed their one year in exile in disguise. With the presence of the loyal Pandavas, the entire kingdom of King Virata shined with prosperity. 

'As we are now facing all difficulties of economic downfall not only in our state or country but across the world due to the dreadful coronavirus, we are commencing Virataparva - Loka Kalyana Parayanam from today onwards to bring back our economy back in good shape and also appeasing Varuna-the Rain God to shower good rains and bless the entire humanity with prosperity", he said.

After introduction by scholars, the Viraaparva Parayanam was commenced by Vedic Professors Sri Pavana Kumara Sharma and Sri Maruti.

Vedic Varsity VC Sri S Sudarshana Sharma,  RSVP VC Sri Muralidhara Sharma,  Dharmagiri Veda Pathashala Principal Sri KSS Avdhani, Higher Vedic Studies Special Officer Dr A Vibhishana Sharma were also present.

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