3rd Phase of Sundarakanda Akhanda Pathanam at Tirumala On 27th Aug


Tirumala, 24 Aug. 20: The Third phase of Sundarakanda Akhanda Pathanam is all set to be performed at the Nada Neerajanam platform at Tirumala on August 27 in Tirumala. 

This will be for The Third Time, TTD is Conducting Akhanda Sundarakanda Pathanam while on July 7, the first feat was performed where in 211 Slokas from Prathama Sarga (First Chapter) were recited followed by rendition of 227 Shlokas from Dwitiya Sarga (Second Chapter) to Sapthama Sarga (Seventh Chapter) for the Second time on August 6. During the third phase, which is going to be held on Thursday, 182 Shlokas from Astama Sarga to Ekadasa Sarga (Eighth tto Eleventh Chapters) will be rendered. About 200 Vedic Scholars from Sri Venkateswara Vedic University, Rashtriya Sanskrita Vidya Peetham, Dharmagiri Veda Vignana Peetham etc. will participate.


It may mentioned here that, TTD has Commenced Sloka Parayanam in Nada Neerajanam Platform from April 10 onwards with a noble aim to waiveoff the ill effects of Corona Covid 19 Virus across the world. After the Darshan of Lord Venkateswara in Tirumala resumed to pilgrims from June 11 onwards, TTD has Commenced the recitation of Sundarakanda, one of the important chapters in the Epic Ramayana. In the TTD Published Sundarakanda, there are total 68 Sargas (Chapters) comprising 2821 Shlokas. 

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