Breastfeeding is the elixir of life for infants: Governor

Hyderabad, Aug 2: “Breast feeding is the best gift a mother can ever give her new born infant. Breast milk boosts the immunity power of the infant and helps in the prevention of many deadly diseases,” said Governor Dr. Tamillisai Soundararajan.
Launching the Breastfeeding week celebrations at Raj Bhavan, here, on Sunday, she said that breast milk contains the vital nutrients and improves the immunity of the child. 
“Mothers need to be educated about the benefits of the breastfeeding from the pregnancy period only. With the Breastfeeding the baby is greatly benefited and this has to be told to all the lactating mothers,” the Governor added.
As part of the breastfeeding week launching programme, Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan distributed to the inmates of the Raj Bhavan quarters kits containing Prop L powder, threptin biscuit boxes, A to Z tablets and Zincovit drops which are useful to both mother and child.

“By ensuring healthy child and healthy mother, we are ensuring the healthy future and creating a healthy India,” the Governor added and exhorted all the mothers to breastfeed their infants. 
-Press note

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