Director Sunil Kumar Reddy’s 'Valasa' To Release Soon

Director Sunil Kumar Reddy is coming up with yet another hard-hitting film 'Valasa'. He previously made thought-provoking films such as 'Sonthavuru' , 'Gangaputrulu', Gulf etc. 

The film 'Valasa' is produced by Yakkali Ravindra Babu under the banner of Sravya films in association with  Kalakar Productions. 

Covid -19 pandemic is experienced by entire world. India announced lockdown because of health emergency and the middle and working class who have been living in the urban areas doing low wage daily works in the unorganized sector suffered, lost their livelihood for months together and started migrating to their native places on foot, since all types of transport is banned.

The film ‘Valasa' has taken this social theme and recreated, based on the real experiences of the people who have undertaken this human exodus in this crucial lockdown period. 
Key roles are played by actors Monaj Nandam and Vinay Mahadev, who are well known to the youth by their performances in Romantic Crime series films made under the same banner. Supporting female roles are played by debutants Teju and Gowri.

Other important roles are played by Tanusha, Tulasi Ram, Manisha, FM Babai, Samudram Venkatesh, Nalla Sreenu, Mallika, Chinnari, Sajid, Raman and Vasu. 

Music for the film 'Valasa' is scored by Praveen Immadi, Cinematography and Editing are done by Naresh Kumar Madiki and colouring is done by Syam Kumar P while audiography is by Pradeep. 
Direction, Story, Screenplay, dialogues and songs are by Sunil Kumar Reddy. 

The film ' Valasa' is under post production and will be released on silver screen very shortly.

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