GHMC Constructing 7200 Public Toilets @1200 Each Zone

 Hon’ble Minister for MA&UD Sri K.T. Rama Rao instructed the GHMC officials  to construct 3000 public toilets in GHMC limits before 15th August 2020. But the GHMC is Constructing 7200 Public Toilets @ 1200 in each zone out of which 1536 public toilets are completed and 4271 are under progress. Further 1393 toilets construction is under process. All these works will be completed in stipulated time. GHMC constructing public toilets in different modes i.e., BOT, PPP, ERP with pre fabricated material and latest designs like Bio-toilets, She-toilets, Lu –cafes. 

GHMC paid attention on maintenance of newly constructing Public Toilets. BOT toilets maintenance will be given to the agency up to 10 years. GHMC is constructing with own funds under ERP Toilets, wherever no Contractor / Agency come forward. These types of 20 ERP toilets will be divided in to a cluster and the maintenance will be allotted to a agency having water tanker. Each toilet will be cleaned 5 times daily with chemicals and water efficiency.

Principal Secretary for MA&UD Sri Arvind Kumar and GHMC Commissioner Sri D.S. Lokesh Kumar are regularly monitoring the progress with Zonal Commissioners and instructing them to complete the target within a stipulated time.  

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