Sundarakanda Seventh Sarga Parayanams Ends

Tirumala, 5 Aug. 20: The Sapthama Sarga Parayanam of akhanda Sundara Kanda organised by TTD for relief to humanity from pandemic Coronavirus concluded on 56th day, Wednesday.


The 227 slokas of akhanda parayanams, held at the Nada Niranjanam platform daily since June last, will conclude tomorrow, Thursday, August 6.


Speaking on the occasion Sri KS Subramaniam Avadhani, principal of Dharmagiri Veda vijnan peetham said it was a good omen that the sapthama sarga parayanams of Akhanda Sundara Kanda parayanam on Wednesday has coincided with the Ram janmabhoomi foundation ceremony at Ayodhya.


He said the sundarakanda parayanams began on June 11th at Nada Niranjanam platform for getting relief to humanity from pandemic Covid-19. TTD organised parayanams live telecast by SVBC were recanted by the devotees from their homes as pundits explained the meanings and significance of the slokas


It is a well known that the parayanams of prasthama sargas of akhanda sundarakanda comprising of 211 shlokas were completed on July 7. Similarly 200 Veda pundits will perform parayanams of 2-7th sarga of 227 shlokas on Thursday.


TTD appealed to devotees to watch the SVBC live telecast of the parayanams and beget blessings of Sri Venkateshwara.


Earlier artists of TTD’s Annamacharya project rendered Sri Rama sankeertans.


TTD additional EO AV Dharma Reddy, Dyeo of reception Sri Balaji participated.

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