This a solid tribute to Sridevi Jayanthi ! - Esha Chawla.

Hello everyone!
I am your Esha Chawla.Today is the birthday of the most beautiful Sridevi (Jayanthi). On this special day, we are donating about 101 fruit plants to farmer families through Mission Green, Mumbai. I took Sridevi Gari as an inspiration and played various roles. She has become a part of our lives. As well as fruit-bearing trees that provide good health are also a part of our lives! These fruit trees control pollution in the environment. Income comes to some farmer families. My feeling is that the respective families will be happy. Greenery grows. Good luck to the farmers. Get pollution-free fruits.
That is why we are coming forward to do many useful activities through our Mission Green, Mumbai organization by remembering Chandini and wishing the Queen of the Moon a happy birthday. I think this is a solid tribute we pay to her.
Thank you ............ Your Esha Chawla !

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