Corona Mothers Can Feed Mild to Children- RUIA Hospital Superintendent Dr Bharathi

Tirupati, 3 Sep. 20: Mothers tested corona positive after delivery, could still feed the newborn, Ruia Hospital Superintendent Dr Bharati on Thursday.


Addressing an online corona awareness campaign program organised by the SVETA (Sri Venkateshwara Employees Training Academy) Dr Bharati said mother's milk was a major source of strength to infants.


She urged the women employees to take all precautions in the Covid-19 environment and that any symptoms viz.mild cold cough, sour throat, breathlessness should not be ignored and immediately consult doctors and treatments.


Dr Bharati said even if women are affected by Corona at 8-9 months pregnancy, the newborn babies would not be affected but better get corona tests done for the babies as well.


The lactating mothers should wash their hands with soaps and sanitizers and clean their breasts before breast-feeding the babies.


The pregnant ladies should avoid lime juices, but drink hot water and also take Kashayam with garlic, jaggery, pepper boiled in water once in a day at 50 ml per dose.


They should also consume Vitamin C B complex and Zinc tablets daily as per Doctors' suggestion and working women should wear masks when they go out, wash their hands and feet before mixing with family members.


She clarified many doubts raised by employees from different offices and advised that even when in office they should often clean hands with sanitizers.


SVETA Director Sri Ramanjulu Reddy said online corona awareness and training programs are being conducted for TTD employees from July 27th at a rate of 70 persons per day especially for women employees on Thursdays.


Dr Janardan Rao and AEO Smt Jagadeswari participated in the training cum awareness program.

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