More Spiritual Programmes Soon on SVBC

Tirumala, 10 September 2020: Srimad Bhagavat Gita is not just a spiritual text but is a handbook of life which is more essential to lead a righteous path in the contemporary world, said TTD EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal.


During the launching of Bhagavat Gita Parayanam from Nada Neerajanam platform at Tirumala on Thursday evening, the EO in his address stated that the programme is mulled by TTD to explain the essence embedded in the Gita by the way of Shloka Parayanam and Narration by Vedic exponents for easy understanding.


He also said TTD has taken up several welfare measures during the COVID lockdown period. “Thousands of migrants, homeless were served Annaprasadam while many thousands are undergoing treatment for COVID in all our Rest Houses located in Tirupati. Apart from these welfare measures, as part of Hindu Sanatana Dharma Prachara we have also organized several spiritual programmes ever since lockdown starting with Srinivasa Shanthyotsava Sahita Dhwanvantari Maha Yagam, Japa Yaganam, Yoga Vasistha Parayanam, Sundarakanda and Virataparva Parayanams by telecasting all live on SVBC which won hearts of devotees of Lord Venkateswara across the globe. I am confident that the Gita Parayanam programme also receives huge reception from devotees akin to Sundarakanda and Virataparva Payanams.


He also lauded the efforts of Additional EO and MD of SVBC Sri AV Dharma Reddy and his team in designing the spiritual programmes that have been receiving overwhelming response from Devotees. “Upon the request of devotees we want to make SVBC ad-free. Within two months, the SVBC Trust garnered Rs.4crores in the form of donations which shows the increasing popularity of the channel among devotees. We are also contemplating to fill the remaining slots with more and more spiritual programmes in the days to come. Very soon we are planning to launch SVBC Hindi also”, he added.


Earlier, the programme was introduced by Sri AV Dharma Reddy, Additional EO of TTD and MD SVBC while Sri Venkateswara Vedic Varsity VC Dr Sannidhanam Sudarshana Sharma, Rastriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetham VC Sri Muralidhara Sharma explained the significance of Bhagavat Gita in human life. They said, many stalwarts and national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi have followed the essence of Gita to lead a righteous way of life.


Later Sri Kuppa Vishwanatha Sastry acted as the chief narrator of Gita Parayanam while Veda Parayanamdar Sri Kasipathi Somayaji recited the Shlokas with finesse. Sri Sastry said, the programme will be henceforth telecasted live on SVBC between 6pm and 7pm every day.


Renowned Carnatic musicians Dr G Balakrishna Prasad and Dr K Vandana rendered Keertans in praise of Lord Sri Krishna at the beginning and ending of the programme respectively.


CEO SVBC Sri Suresh Kumar and a galaxy of Vedic scholars, senior officers of TTD were also present.

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