Our Priority is for Sarva Darshan only - TTD

Tirumala, 12 Sep. 20: Reiterating that its first priority is for common pilgrim devotees, TTD stated that it will resume free Sarva Darshan tokens for common devotees to enjoy Srivari darshan as early as possible.


However, TTD stated that it has temporarily stalled SSD tokens in view of spreading of corona in temple city.


TTD clarified that it had recently resumed issue of 3000 Slotted Sarva Darshan (SSD) tokens at Tirupati. However, it was suspended following concerns expressed by local public representatives and denizens on the spike of COVID virus in the temple city with the anticipated influx of ten to twelve thousand devotees from Tamil Nadu in the sacred Peritasi month.


TTD said it had added the suspended 3000 offline tokens for online booking by enhancing the quota of Rs 300 special Darshan tickets.


TTD appealed to devotees to co-operate in view of continued Covid-19 restrictions. Even the Rs 300 special Darshan ticket holders will also be allowed in Sarva Darshan only and appealed that devotees should make note of TTDs efforts.

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