Second Trail Run of Gita Parayanam

Tirumala, 3 Sep. 20: The second trial run of Gita Parayanam held at Nada Neerajana Mandapam at Tirumala on Thursday evening. 


Vedic Scholar Sri Kuppa Vishwanatham presented a descriptive part while Veda Parayanmdar Sri Kasipathi rendered Bhagavat Gita Parayanam. 


Additional EO Sri AV Dharma Reddy and many exponents from Vedic studies offered their suggestions to improve the Gita Parayanam which included maintaining uniform tempo and pitch while reciting shlokas so that even the common devotees who are watching the programme live on SVBC or who are taking part in the live programme at Tirumala.


ISKCON representative Sri Leela Parayanadas thanked TTD for floating this idea of Bhagavat Gita Parayanam during this crisis period for the wellbeing of humanity. The artists from SV College of Music and Dance presented Madhrastam after Parayanam.


SVVU VC Sri S Sudarshana Sharma, Veda Vignana Peetham Principal Sri Avadhani, Annamacharya Project Director Sri Dakshinamurty, DyEO Sri Vijayasaradhi and others were also present. 

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