TTD CVSO and District Urban SP Review Security Arrangements for Srivari Annual Brahmotsavam

Tirumala, 10 September 2020: In view of ensuing Srivari annual Brahmotsavams from September 19-27, TTD CVSO Sri Gopinath Jatti and Tirupati Urban SP Sri Ramesh Reddy reviewed the security arrangements to be meed in co-ordination with TTD Vigilance and Police at a meeting held in Annamaiah Bhavan on Thursday evening at Tirumala.


Speaking to reporters later, TTD CVSO Sri Gopinath Jatti said that as the annual Brahmotsavams are set to be held in Ekantham in view of prevailing Covid-19 restrictions, only devotees with on-line Srivari Darshan tickets alone will be allowed to visit Tirumala.


Since the offline issue of SSD tickets has been suspended, TTD has made extensive publicity for devotees especially coming from Tamilnadu as part of the Peritasi holy month and other neighbouring states, that they should all possess online Srivari darshan tickets, which is mandatory to get entry into Tirumala. He appealed to devotees from all regions to co-operate with the TTD in making the Brahmotsavam festival a success by following the COVID guidelines.


The Chief Vigilance and Security Officer of TTD said special vigilance steps have been made for the protection of golden Rathams and wooden chariots present in the 49 TTD temples across the country and CC Camera Surveillance has also been enhanced on 24x7 basis.


Speaking later the district Urban Superintendent of police Sri Ramesh Reddy said CC cameras have been installed at all TTD temples, mutts etc.to ensure protection to the holy places. He also said Security has been enhanced at all the 676 temples in the Chittoor district. Any activity by individuals or social media aimed at disturbing communal harmony and peace will be strictly dealt with.


The SP said as Srivari annual Brahmotsavam was held in ekantham in view of the COVID-19 restrictions, there was no need for special security arrangements by the district police except some police force to cover VIP visits if any. He appealed to the public to call upon WhatsApp no 80999 99977 if they come across any suspicious movements if any.

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