Wild Life Poaching case busted in Adilabad Circle

Organized Pangolin Wild life poaching and smuggling racket is busted by the officers and staff of Kawal

Tiger Reserve Telangana led by Sri C.P. Vinod Kumar, I.F.S. FDPT, KTR, and CF, Adilabad Circle who

received information about the said pangolin racket from reliable sources. A team headed by DFO

Mancherial and Asifabad, F.D.O. Bellampally and Kaghaznagar, F.R.O.s of Asifabad and Kaghaznagar

divisions are formed teams to investigate the said organized wildlife crime. The teams detected and

busted the racket operating the wild life offence.

The investigation was started one month back tracing the accused one after the other and a total of (20)

persons involved in the said wildlife crime chain are detected. During the investigation the officers of the

Forest Department of Asifabad and Kaghaznagar have seized (01) Live Pangolin (Adult), (1) Swift Car,

Motor Cycles, and mobiles phones. The pangolin i.e. (Manis Carssicaudata) Critically Endangered as per

appendix – 1 of CITES and is listed under Schedule – 1 in Wild Life Protection Act. Hunting and trading of

Pangolin is a serious offence and punishable with minimum punishment of (7) years of rigorous

imprisonment and a fine of not less than Rs.5.00 Lakhs.

The following (10) accused persons involved in the said pangolin wildlife crime are identified and offence

case is registered under wildlife protection Act for hunting and trading the said pangolin. The accused

are arrested and produced before the Judicial First Class Magistrate SirpurT.

A1. Banoth Kumar, Dist: Mancherial R/o Mandamarry, A2. Avunuri Santosh r/o Mandamarri Dist:

Mancherial A3 Kotturi Ashanna R/o Sirpur (U) Dist: KB Asifabad A4 Dasari Shekar R/o Mandamarri Dist:

Mancherial A5 Vinkare Prakash R/o Lingapur Dist: KB Asifabad A6 Sye Dawood R/o Jainoor Dist: KB

Asifabad A7 Surmalla Ravinder R/o Itikyala Dist: Mancherial A8 Gomase Chiranjeevi R/o Sirpur (T) Dist:

KB Asifabad A9 Dole Mallikarjuna R/o Duginepally Dist: Mancherial A10 Utnoori Pochaiah R/o Lingapur

Dist: KB Asifabad.

The forest officials have informed that, the poachers and the middlemen with superstitious belief and

wrong myth of use for medical treatment are attempting to hunt the pangolin for the scales in order to

make money by cheating innocent people. The forest officials informed that, the pangolin does not carry

any value and neither has any medicinal value nor commercial value. Moreover the forest department

informed that it will transmit dangerous viruses to human.

In this context it is appealed to the general public that, they should not fall prey to the said vicious circle

of offering money for this animal which ultimately leads to arrest and punishment of innocent villagers

and who directly or indirectly involve or help the persons in the wildlife crime. The said wildlife crime

has severe punishments and also PD Act will be imposed against them.

Investigation Team:

1. Sri. C.P. Vinod Kumar, I.F.S., FDPT, KTR Nirmal

2. Sri Dr. B.Prabhakar, I.F.S., D.F.O. KB Asifabad.

3. Smt. Shivani Dongra, I.F.S., D.F.O. Mancherial.

4. Kum. B. Lavanya, I.F.S., F.D.O. Bellampally

5. Sri. M.Vijay Kumar, S.F.S. F.D.O. Kaghaznagar

6. Sri Shankar, Dy.R.O. Bellampally

7. Smt. Rajini F.B.O. Nennel

8. Sri Ch. Poornachander, F.R.O. Sirpur.

9. Sri. K.Shiva Kumar, F.R.O. Kaghaznagar

10. Sri. G.Appalakonda, F.R.O. Asifabad

11. Sri G.Srinivasa Reddy, F.R.O. F.S.P. Asifabad.

12. Sri S.Venugopal, F.R.O. Penchikalpet

13. Sri D.Shashidhar babu, Dy.R.O.

14. Sri. D.Rambabu, Dy.R.O.

15. Sri Md.Abdul Musavvir, Dy.R.O.

16. Sri B.Banesh, Dy.R.O.

17. Sri Saddam Hussain, F.S.O.

18. Sri Vijay Prakash, F.S.O.

19. Sri A. Ravi Kumar, F.S.O. and other staff.

FDPT. KTR and C.F. Adilabad Circle

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