Fifth Phase of Akhanda Sundarakanda Pathanam on 4th Oct

Tirumala, 1 Oct. 20: The fifth phase of Akhanda Sundarakanda Pathanam will be organised at Nada Neerajanam platform in Tirumala on October 4 on Sunday.


On this day, 174 Shlokas from 15 to 19 Sargas will be recited by 200 Vedic pundits and scholars hailing from different Vedic institutions of TTD and also from National Vedic University and Rastriya Sanskrit Vidya Peeth. 


The event will commence at 7am and last for almost two hours. There will be a rendition of Annamacharya Kriti and Bhajan at the beginning and ending of the programme. 


It may be mentioned here that in the first phase of Sundarakanda Pathanam which was held on July 7 a total of 211 Shlokas from Prathama Sarga (first chapter), in the second phase held on August 6 a total of 227 Shlokas from second to seventh Sargas, on August 27 during the third phase, a total of 182 Shlokas from eighth to eleventh Sargas, on September 12 in the fourth phase a total of 146 Shlokas from twelfth to fourteen Sargas were recited.

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