Navdeep Pallapolu Appointed Brand Ambassador of Quiclo

Hyderabad, 31st October, 2020:Quiclo, the customer friendly laundry services company, celebrates its 1st anniversary, thanking the customers, employees, vendors and the future partnerships that have been initiated to broaden its horizon all over India, expanding territories to cater to larger markets. The event took place on Saturday, 31st  October 2020 at C space HQ in Jubilee Hills, Telangana.

Quiclo, launched as a laundry app service around the same time last year, has gathered immense market acceptance in different market segments, catering to the needs of different  market classes. The company is bubbling with happiness and gratitude for every single person who has made the journey thus far, an enjoyable whirl.

The company provides a spectrum of laundry services from washing and dry cleaning to soft-furnishing cleaning and pet fabrics cleaning. The cleaning process is elaborate, to ensure the safety of products and quality of service, but remains an easy one that ensures customer convenience.

It all started with this aim: to build a platform for customers to avail an ‘on-demand laundry service’. Quiclo has kept the method simple: schedule the order through Quiclo App/Customer Care Number/WhatsApp with pick up and delivery at the comfort of one’s home. In the last one year, this simple method has not only been widely preferred, but also stands to be hugely efficient, with the 48 hour time cap. Even those who preferred the conventional way of calling and booking their laundry service seem to have shifted to the Quiclo App, due to its ease in utility. All the while, getting onwards and climbing upwards, without compromising on quality.

“We take immense pride in celebrating one year of making our customers’ lives stress free by not only being the most convenient laundry service, but also the most efficient one, even at a time of a world pandemic. While the world grew darker, our business grew happier with more customers trusting us for our quality, all thanks to my dedicated Quiclo team that put the company before themselves. We have big, shiny dreams and we are only getting started” says Madhu Lahari, Founder of Quiclo. She celebrates the fabulous success with her wonderful team: Harsha Vardhan Chiruvella, CEO and Pavan Goparaju, Partner at Quiclo. And it only gets better-the core team has gotten stronger now, with two more powerhouses joining Quiclo - Salwin Alfred, CMO and Prachi Mishra, Head of Digital Operations. The team also has another gem in the midst now-Navdeep Pallapolu, a versatile Actor who happens to be a Partner and Brand Ambassador of Quiclo as well.

Quiclo caters to customers of all kinds-corporates, communities, PG, hostels and households. Quiclo has gained good feedback and acceptance with respect to its pricing, pickup & delivery ease, time cap of 48 hrs and neat packaging. It has processed 2 lakh garments, reaching the 1st 1 lakh within 5 months & the next 1 lakh in another 7 months, given the lockdown.

The user friendly Quiclo App has had 5000+ downloads in the last few months and holds a commendable rating of 4.7 on Android and 4.8 on iOS.

Even the Pick-Up and Delivery Department consists of professionally trained logistics executives who engage in polite and precise customer interaction. Acknowledging the need to be responsible and prioritising the safety of customers and employees, Quiclo has introduced contactless pickup & delivery. There are stringent measures for sanitisation during the processing of the garments as well.

The 3 key USPs of Quiclo are customer experience, timely delivery and consistent quality. Quiclo has an advanced logistic system that schedules pick-ups and deliveries, ensuring maximum operational efficiency. The usage of QR code technology tracks the garments at the Quiclo plants and results in transparency of process. The data analytics and dashboards monitor the end-to-end process, identifying and resolving bottlenecks in real time.

By doing so, Quiclo diminishes the wide gap between the supply and demand in the Laundry Industry by meeting every need of the customer and leaving them happier and their laundry fresher. In the last year, Quiclo has tried its best to be an Eco-friendly service, by recycling plastic, using fabric and jute materials for the merchandise. The improvement in processing and quality checks, addition of payment gateways, improvisations in the app to make it more user friendly are noteworthy.

Having reached a milestone, Quiclo has big plans for the coming year. It intends on expanding further and spreading the goodness by scaling up to other geographies through franchises and own processing plants in the coming year. It is also introducing a new service-the Express Laundry, and has an improvised pricing strategy in terms of packages and B2B segments. There will be a new module in the Quiclo App to improve automation, dashboards for smooth and efficient flow of process as well. Quiclo intends to create more employment by setting up training centres that will cater to franchise needs and its own expansion. Quiclo will also be growing into other metropolitan cities as well as Tier 2 towns actively.

Customer happiness over mere satisfaction has been the driving force of Quiclo. Since the first year has been full of it even on the darkest of days, the aim is to multiply the joy- for The Quiclo Team and The Quiclo Family. With all this vigour, Quiclo believes that the best is yet to come, all at the mere convenience of picking up one’s phone.

And so we celebrate that laundry can be fun. Just Quiclo.


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