Samantha cooks healthier version of Idli with Upasana

 The daughter-in-laws of Mega and Akkineni families have collaborated

for a platform called ‘UR LIFE.’ Through this they are promoting
wellness being, healthy lifestyle choices.

Both Samantha and Upasana are coming up with trending nutritious and
diet plans in the form of YouTube. The first dish cooked by them was
‘Thakkali Sadam’ and this week’s dish is Idli.

We may think that Idli is a simple recipe but this Idli is made with
oats and carrots. Sam says that she prefers this healthier version of
Idli and after tasting Upasana wishes to cook it daily which is tasty
and most importantly healthy.

Once again the chemistry between Samantha and Upasana is great and
they are really making this going.

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