Shodasadina Sundarakanda Parayana Deeksha to Conclude on 14th Oct

Tirumala, 13 Oct. 20: The 16-day spiritual event, Shodasadina Sundarakanda Parayanam which was commenced on a religious note at Vasantha Mandapam in Tirumala on September 29 will conclude on October 14.


In this unique event, a 16-member team of Sundarakanda Upasakas have been reciting the shlokas from 68 Sargas of epic Sundarakanda from the past fifteen days. While another 16 Upasakas are doing Yagnam at Veda Vignana Peetham at Dharmagiri simultaneously. 


The Shodasakshara Mantram, "Raghavo Vijayam Dadyanma Sitapatihi Prabhuhu" - each syllable has some Beejaksharas and the total tallies to 68 that is equivalent to 68 Sargas. The Upasakas have been reciting the Shlokas from different Sargas based on the number that implies to each syllable from the Maha Mantra every day. 


On Wednesday, all the 2821 Shlokas from 68 Sargas will conclude. This program is being telecasted live on SVBC and followed and being received by millions of devotees across the globe.

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