Trainee Assistant Collectors Met TTD Eo

Tirumala, 16 Oct. 20: In all nine Assistant Collectors (IAS Probationers) from different districts of Andhra Pradesh who have come for an hands on experience on conducting Srivari Navaratri Brahmotsavam called on TTD EO Dr K S Jawahar Reddy on Friday morning.


The TTD EO who met them at the Annamaiah Bhavan appraised them about the second Brahmotsavam this year, which commenced today after Ankurarpanam yesterday and the key event of Garuda seva on October 20.


The EO also also appraised the IAS probationers about the Dharmic, Spiritual, Devotee Welfare, and other socio-economic activities taken up by the TTD lime hospitals, educational institutions and other charity activities etc.


He also briefed them on the administrative hierarchy, functions of senior management staff, TTD Trusts and programs for preserving and protecting Vedic knowledge and education.


There after the Visiting Assistant Collectors also called in the TTD additional EO Sri AV Dharma Reddy.


OSD of Reception Sri Prabhakar Reddy was also present.


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