Balalaya Festival at Sri Varahaswamy Temple from 6th to 10th Dec

 Tirumala, 4 Nov. 20: TTD is organising the annual Balalaya program at the Sri Varahaswamy temple from December 6-10 for which Ankurarpanam will be performed on December 5th night.

According to Agama traditions Balalaya is conducted at any temple for rejuvenation of the sanctum with repairs and gold plating of the Vimanam etc. Since there will be no daily rituals during those days in the sanctum, a wooden model of the Mula Virat is installed in the Mukha Mandapam of temple for devotees darshan.

For the five days of developmental works of the sanctum, daily rituals of the deities are performed for the model Idols in the Mandapam.

TTD is also conducting special programs at the temple yagashala from December 6-10 and Maha prokshana of the temple is scheduled on December 10th morning in the Makara lagnam.


Sri Varahaswamy also hailed, as ‘Sweta Varahaswamy’ is the first deity in the Venkatachala pilgrim Centre and is credited with privileges of first puja, first Naivedyam and First darshan.

Legends say that as per tradition devotees should first get darshan of Sri Varahaswamy ahead of darshan of Sri Venkateswara.

Puranam also contends that Sri Maha Vishnu took the avatar of Sri Varahaswamy to destroy the demon Hiranyaksha and protect goddess Bhudevi.

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