Decision on Sevas and dDdarshan After 6 Guidelines - TTD Eo

Tirumala, 8 Nov. 20: As Unlock 6 guidelines are being awaited from the Central Government, there is no change at present on the decision of introducing sevas or providing darshan to senior citizens, said TTD EO Dr KS Jawahar Reddy.


Answering the pilgrim callers during his maiden Dial your EO programme held at Annamaiah Bhavan in Tirumala on Sunday, the EO attended to the calls of 29 callers. Many of the queries were related to the reintroduction of arjitha sevas, which were cancelled during the lockdown period, darshan to senior citizens, physically challenged, infants and children. While some other callers poured in laurels on TTD and SVBC for telecasting Sundarakanda, Bhagavat Gita and Virataparva Parayanams during Corona high times.


While a few callers brought to the notice of EO on the issues related to TTD Kalyana Mandapams located at the respective areas which needed attention for proper maintenance, to which EO immediately instructed the concerned officials to sort out the issues. 


A caller Sri Ramachandra Rao from Hyderabad suggested EO to go for Dubai Airport Model system for providing darshan to senior citizens without making them wait for hours to get darshan to which the EO answered the officers will take a look into the suggestion and see the possibilities to implement in Tirumala.


Another caller Sri Srinivasulu from Nellore informed the EO that TTD should continue the Covid guidelines strictly by sanitizing the temple and accommodation areas as the pilgrim strength to Tirumala is considerably increasing to which EO said, all the precautions will be definitely taken into consideration.


A pilgrim caller Sri Manoj Kumar from Guntur while complimenting all the Parayanams, sought to introduce Garuda Purana Parayanam also to which the EO replied that the modalities of the programme is already on chords and will soon be introduced.


Sri Sunil Babu from Visakhapatnam brought to the notice of EO that earlier the timings of blood donation at Aswini Hospital in Tirumala used to be from 6am to 6pm while now the time is reduced to 9am and 12noon. Answering the caller EO said, the decision might be due to existing Covid norms. However, he assured that it will be discussed and necessary decision will be taken.


Sri Dorababu from Vedurukuppam requested EO to reopen the Shravanam school run by TTD which is meant for Deaf and Dumb infants and children which was closed from the past five months as the differently-abled children are facing serious problems. Reacting to the caller, the EO said, due to lockdown norms the school has been closed and after the unlock 6 guidelines a proper decision will be taken. "We have already commenced online classes for our students. But since this is a special school, we will take a decision soon", he added.


Another caller Sri Krishnamurthy from Narasapuram told EO that TTD has been promoting more Saivaite programmes like Karthika Deepotsava though it is a Vaishnavaite temple.  Answering the caller EO said, this has been discussed in length with all the Agama Scholars and Vedic Pundits who concluded that there is no difference between Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva (Siva Kesava Abedha and Karthika month is auspicious for both the deities) and in Tirumala it is an age-old practice of observing Karthika Deepotsavam in a big way.


Earlier, before attending to pilgrim callers, the EO briefed on some important religious festivals lined up in the month including Deepavali Asthanam on November 14, Nagula Chaviti on November 18, Pushpayagam on November 21.


Additional EO Sri AV Dharma Reddy, JEOs Sri P Basant Kumar, Smt Sada Bhargavi, CEO Sri Suresh Kumar, CE Sri Ramesh Reddy, Additional CVSO Sri Sivakumar Reddy and other senior officers were also present.  

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