Pujas Performed on the Occasion of Mukkoti

Tirumala, 26 Nov. 20: Among the important torrents located in the lush green hills of Seshachala ranges, Chakratheertham is considered to be on the most sacred theerthams located in Tirumala.


Due to incessant rainfalls from the past two days, the Chakratheertham is gushing out in full swing. As the Chakratheertha Mukkoti is on Thursday, even the team of archakas, temple staffs performed the celestial puja to the holy waters by offering turmeric, vermilion, flowers and Harati. After so many years, this torrent is in its full swing during its Mukkoti.




On the other hand, all the five dams in Tirumala are full to their capacities and TTD authorities have opened up the gates of Gogarbham and Papavinasanam dams. In the last 24hours, starting from 8am of Wednesday till 8am of Thursday, the rainfall recorded in Papavinasanam is 313mm (697.14frl as against its capacity of 698.85frl, at Gogarbham - 247mm(2894frl and its full to its capacity), Akasaganga is 176mm (865frl and it is also brimming with full capacity) while at Kumaradhara and Pasupudhara the rainfall recorded is 155mm each (both dams capacity is 898.24frl and both are full).




The beauty of the Seven Hills enhanced with the torrents flashing out at different points both in up and down ghat roads due to the non-stop down pour in the last two days providing a cynosure to the visting pilgrims and denizens. The Malavadi Gundem, Pancha Theerthams, Kapilatheertham are seen gushing out from the top of the mountains due to the non-stop rains in the last two days. Pilgrims were seen relishing and capturing the beauties of nature in their mobile braving the inclement weather. 




PPV DAM- 696.85- 313.00mm


GG DAM- 2894.00- 247.00mm


AKG DAM- 865.00- 176.00mm


KUMARADHARA DAM- 898.24-155.00 mm

 PASUPUDHARA DAM- 898.24- 155.00mm


KALYANI DAM- 869.10- 95.00mm


FILTER HOUSE- 125.00mm

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