Speaking Books to Give Spiritual Thrill to Blind and Aged

Tirumala, 19 Nov. 20: The first of its kind in the world Speaking Books, in Sampoorna Hanuman Chalisa and Bhagavat Gita were released by TTD Chairman Sri YV Subba Reddy in his Camp Office at Tirumala.


Speaking Books! Sounds something interesting. Yes, these innovative books by Hoyoma Company of New Delhi is being marketed by Safe Shop helps the visionless, uneducated and aged persons to go through the spiritual texts easily. 


According to the makers and marketers, the book consists of a mobile shape electronic reader which when flashed on any page, emitted shlokas and narrative  in audio format. 


As of now the Bhagavadgita audio is available in Hindi, English and Sanskrit voice while Hanuman Chalisa in Telugu, Hindi, English, Assam, Nepali,Tamil, and Malayalam languages. Readers can choose the language of their choice to in the electronic reader.


Sri Murali, Sri Rakesh, Smt Lahari and Sri Sai representing the Safe Shop were present.

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