Balalaya Samprokshanam Held for Varaha Swamy Vari Temple

Tirumala, 10 Dec. 20: Balalaya  Samprokshanam held for Sri Varaha Swamy temple at Tirumala on Thursday between 9am and 10:30am in the auspicious Makara Lagnam. 


TTD EO Dr KS Jawahar Reddy who took part in this ritual along with Additional EO Sri AV Dharma Reddy speaking to media on the occasion said that TTD has taken up the Gold Malam works of Gopuram of the ancient temple. For this we have conducted Balalayam fete and transferred the power in the presiding deity into Kumbham. In the coming four or five months we will complete the work. After Maha Samprokshanam, the temple will be opened for darshan of devotees", he added. 


Meanwhile, earlier in Yagashala of the temple, Kumbharadhana, Archana and other Vaidika Rituals performed. Later Maha Purnahuti was performed.  


Temple DyEO Sri Harindranath, VGO Sri Bali Reddy were also present.

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