Changes in SSD Tokens Issuance for Vaikunta Dwara Darshan

Tirumala, 18 Dec. 20: The Sarva Darshan time slot tokens which are being issued at the counters of Vishnu Nivasam and Bhudevi complex near Alipiri in Tirupati, will be closed on 5pm of December 21. The tokens for December 22, 23 and 24 will also be issued on or before December 21 itself. The devotees are requested to make note of this change.


Following the Covid norms and keeping in view the past experience of law and order problem and other issues, this year, the Vaikuntha Dwara Darshan tokens will be limited to only local devotees. It is requested that non-locals need not come for darshan tokens. Following the Covid norms, the locals shall have to bring their Aadhaar cards and obtain the SSD darshan tokens which will be issued at the five designated centres in Tirupati.


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