Hand Sanitizer

 Corona virus has made us all aware that our personal hygiene is important and we all started to use Hand sanitizers like never before. Few people even got habituated with using sanitizers to forbid the entry of virus but few people are using sanitizers extremely. Usage of sanitizers has both good and bad effects. 

What happens when we use sanitizers extremely?

'Ati sarvatra varjayathe' (excess of anything is bad) this statement is rightly applicable for sanitizers. Using excess of Sanitizer on our palms kills the good bacteria present on our skin. This good bacteria helps to keep our skin and body healthy and when this good bacteria doesn't enter our body we will definitely fall ill and there are more chances for us getting easily infected by some diseases. Not only does it kill good bacteria but excess usage of sanitizers makes the bad bacteria more stronger. The bad bacteria gets used to sanitizers and it immunizes itself. It is difficult to know whether we use excess of Sanitizer or not but it's better to not use sanitizers in the below situations. 

1) We have to restrict the usage of sanitizers when there is availability of Soap and water. According to 'USA cemters for diseases control and federation' washing our hands for 20 seconds with soap and water will prevent the virus

2) Do not use sanitizers when there are dust particles on your hand. The dust particles present on hand will make the alcoholic sanitizers more impure, makes our palm more unhygienic and prevents from killing the virus.

3) There is no use of using sanitizer when someone around you sneezes or coughs because sanitizer cannot kill the virus in when it is in air.

Keep Sanitizers away from childern

Its better to not use sanitizers when Children are near you because if they take in the sanitizer it causes harm to Children's body. So prevent children from handling the sanitizers. In between 2011 and 2015 there were 85 thousand phone calls for 'US poison control centre' saying that their children consumed

in the hand sanitizers.

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