How to burn belly fat

Now a days most of the girls are having belly fat. Many girls are trying to cover belly fat instead of reducing it. The main reason for belly fat are the eating habits. More calories containing food are being consumed which results in fat around our belly. There is a way to reduce the Belly fat in our homes without any cost. Pavanamuktasana (pavana- air, mukta- release) helps in burning the fat around our belly. This asana helps us to release the bad air occupied in the intestines. 

How to do this asan:

1)Lie on your back on the floor 

2)Inhale deeply

3)bring your legs straight up to 90 degrees. 

4)Bend both knees and bring your thighs into your abdomen. 

5)Keep your knees and ankles together. 

6)Bring your arms around your legs.

7)Lift up your neck and tuck your chin into your chest or bring it onto your knees

8)Stay in this pose for sometime and then come back again to normal pose.



1) decreases belly fat 

2) massages intestines.

3) allevates gastric problem, indigestion and constipation

4) makes our muscles strong

5) reduces weight

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