Sound Sleep is the Essence of the Day

Sleep is very important for us to be active. We all know that  there is no use of crores of money when we don't have a proper amount of sleep. In the present competitive world many people are not sleeping well and are facing problems.  Doctor Shreya suggested that  every person should have atleast 7 to 9 hours of satisfactory and good sleep. Doctor Shreya described the need of sleep. She said that a good sleep immunizes  hormones, mind and other organs which makes us enthusiastic for the other day. 

Lack of proper sleep makes us impatient , we lose control on our emotions and there are more chances of facing bad things. According to General of Research lack of sleep  slows down 'amygdala' an important chemical in our brain which is responsible for temper and sleep. Doctor has suggested three main things to overcome sleeping problems which are

1)one has to eat healthy food

2)has to do exercises 

3)should have mental peace.

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