Sri Vari Pranauyotsavam on 30th Dec

 Tirumala, 27 Dec. 20: TTD is organising the unique festival of Pranaya Kalahotsavam, a festival of love and joy of deities, on December 30 at Tirumala.

As part of this festival, the utsava idols of Sri Malayappa and His consorts are brought out in separate palanquins face to face from Vaibhavotsava Mandapam opposite to Sri Varaha Swami temple.

The Archakas enact a love game and divide into two, with a team representing Lord and another, both the Goddesses. 

They chant hymns in Nindastuti pattern with Consorts making fun of the mischievous deeds of Lord Sri Malayappa and indulge in a fight with Him.

Thereafter they throw flower balls at each other, re-enacting a mythological love quarrel as depicted in legends tagged as Pranaya- kalaha - Mahotsavam.

In view of this festival, TTD has cancelled Pournami Garuda Seva on the same day evening.

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