TTD JEo Inspects PHCs On Footpaths

Tirumala, 29 Dec. 20: TTD Joint Executive Officer Sri P Basanth Kumar on Tuesday directed officials to keep emergency medicines at all the Primary 

Health Centres on Alipiri and Srivari Mettu footpaths.


Accompanied by the CVSO Sri Gopinath Jatti, JEO inspected the PHCs on both the footpaths and verified on availability of emergency drugs and trauma equipments.


He directed the concerned that doctors should be available at all the PHCs (four on Alipiri and one on Srivari Mettu) routes. He instructed officials to set up two more PHCs on Srivari Mettu route.


Later he directed the engineering officials that they should take up the repair works of the existing PHCs and also ensure availability of Ambulances and wireless communications at all PHCs.


SE-2 Sri Nageswara Rao, Chief Medical Officer, Dr Narmada and Dr Bharat Kumar were present 

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