Vijay Deverakonda amazed by a disable girl’s gratitude!

During the lockdown, hero Vijay Deverakonda came up with this

initiative called Middle Class Fund to help the needy. He along with
his team provided ration to people who could not afford and it was
done with utmost transparency.

One of the many who received help is a disable girl from Srikakulam
district of AP. Identified as Swapnika Kovvada, this girl is limbless.
Yet that did not deter her spirit and using her mouth, she drew a
beautiful art of Vijay Deverakonda. She shared the same on Twitter and
posted it to Vijay.

Blown away by this, Vijay tweeted, “Sending you lots of love Swapnika.
And taking strength and inspiration from you. Thank you” with a
red-heart symbol.

That’s indeed a true gratitude from the girl and Vijay is known to
recognise such love and affection.

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