Focus on Panchagavya Products - TTD Eo

Tirupati, 11 Jan. 21: TTD Executive Officer Dr KS Jawahar Reddy on Monday directed officials to pay attention on producing and marketing the products from the Cow Dung, Cow urine, etc. (Panchagavya Products) collected from Cows at SVV Goshala.


Speaking at a review meeting at Sri Padmavati Rest House with officials of Goshala and Ayurvedic Pharmacy, the TTD EO said the concerned should take hue from Sri Gopalbhai Sutaria of Bansigiri Goshala, Gujarat on promoting Cow population and other Cow products.


He urged officials to organise studies through agricultural university scientists on the use of Gokrupamrutam (cow manure- dung)


The EO also instructed the officials of SV Goshala and Ayurveda Pharmacy to study feasibility of manufacturing products (soaps, incense sticks, and cleaning detergents) from Pancha gavya (cow products).


He said a team of TTD officials would soon visit the Bansigiri Goshala and that representatives of same institution will be invited to train TTD officials in manufacturing and marketing those products here.


Thereafter Sri Gopalbhai Sutaria gave a presentation on production, utilities and marketing of the Panchagavya products like Capsules, Syrups, powder, soaps. Hair oil, massage oils, facial creams and other medicinal products.


TTD Board members Sri Govindhari, Additional EO Sri AV Dharma Reddy JEO Sri P Basant Kumar, SV Goshala Director Dr Harnath Reddy, Dr Murali Krishna, and Principal of SV Ayurveda College, Ayurveda pharmacy in charge Dr Narayan Reddy were present.


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