Sri Goda Kalyanam Held in a Grand way at Annamacharya Kala Mandiram

 Tirupati, 13 Jan. 21: As part of the concluding session of Dhanur masa festivities, Sri Goda Kalyanam was performed in a grand manner at the Sri Annamacharya Kala Mandiram on Wednesday morning.


It may be mentioned that during the holy Dhanur Masam TTD’s Divya Prabandam project had organised the Thiruppavai Pravachanams by eminent pundits at 141 locations across the country.


Amidst Veda Pathanam by Veda Parayanadars and Gosti by artists of Annamacharya project, the Goda Kalyanam was performed in a celestial way. Earlier the utsava idols of Goddess Andal and Sri Ranganatha Swamy were brought to Annamacharya Kala Mandir in a procession.


There after a scintillating dance ballad on Sri Goda Devi was performed by the troupe of Kumari M Bhanuja of Tirupati.




The TTD’s Divya Prabandam Project had organised Tiruppavai Pravachanam by Sri Chakravarti Ranganathan at Annamacharya Kala mandiram from December 16 onwards which concluded on Bhogi festival.


TTD FA & CAO Sri O Balaji, Alwar Prabandam Project Incharge Acharya Rajagopalan and other devotees were also present.

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