TTD To Observe Gopuja in All Southern States on Kanuma Day

Tirupati, 6 January 2021: In view of Kanuma festival on January 15, TTD is all set to celebrate Kanuma festival by performing Go Puja across temples in both the Telugu States as well other Southern States.


As part of its mission of Hindu Sanatana Dharma Prachara, TTD will observe Go Puja in the selected temples across the Telugu states and other states in South at Chennai, Bengaluru and Guruvayuru under the aegis of HDPP.


According ancient scriptures, in Hindu Sanatana Dharma, Cow is believed as an embodiment of all Hindu deities and is being worshipped as Gau Mata. By performing Go Puja, it is strongly believed that the country will prosper in terms of both health and wealth.

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