Vishnu Bilwa Pararchana Puja Concludes

Tirumala, 14 Jan. 21: As part of Dhanurmasa Vishnu Puja taken up by TTD, the five day Bilwapatrarchana Vishnu Puja concluded at Vasanta Mandapam in Tirumala on Thursday.


This event was telecasted live on SVBC everyday between 6am and 6:30am.


The significance of this fete is that Bilwa (sacred fig) leaves are being revered as Maha Lakshmi which is a symbol of prosperity.  


Usually, Bilwa leaves are prominently used in Sivarchana while Tulasi leaves in Vishnu Puja. But it is only in this sacred month of Dhanurmasa, Sri Maha Vishnu is also offered special puja with Bilwa leaves as per holy texts.


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