Vishnu, Matsya and Brahma Maha Puranas Released

Tirupati, 28 January 2021: The Pundits and Scholars should focus on bringing the Epics for Children said TTD EO Dr KS Jawahar Reddy.


After releasing the three Maha Purana Books including Vishnu, Matsya and Brahma Maha Puranas brought by Purana Itihasa Project of TTD which took place at Annamacharya Kalamandiram on Thursday evening, Dr Reddy felt the need that the great literature given by fore fathers should reach the next generation.


He sought the literary stalwarts, also to work on the epics keeping in view the children. The EO observed Purana Itihasa Project has an important role to play in the promotion of Hindu Sanatana Dharma by bringing great scriptures to common public through translation. He also complimented JEO H & E Smt Sada Bhargavi for taking a special interest in bringing out the books in stipulated time.


Later the scholars who translated Matsya Maha Puranam, Dr Samudrala Lakdhmaiah, Vishnu Maha Puranam, Dr K Satyanarayana, Brahma Maha Puranam First Part by Dr A Nagabhushanam (passed away recently) while Second Part by Dr B Lakshmanacharyulu shared their experience and complimented TTD mandarins for bringing out the ancient texts to the public fore.


Earlier the Project In-charge and Annamacharya Project Director Sri Dakshinamurthy Sharma briefed on Purana Ithihasa Project activities. He said a total of 3.8lakh shlokas are available in our scriptures and so far the Project has completed 3.55lakh shlokas and remaining will also be completed with same enthusiasm and supported offered by TTD authorities soon.


HDPP Chief Sri Rajagopalan, DASA Sahitya Project Special Officer Dr Anandatheerthacharya, SVETA Director Sri Ramanjulu Reddy, literary luminaries and literature lovers of the Temple City were also present.

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