Bone Bank at BIRRD - Dr Madan Mohan Reddy

Tirupati, 12 February 2021: A National level Bone Bank will be set up in BIRRD and henceforth all kinds of bone treatments will be undertaken said, Dr Madanmohan Reddy, the Honorary Director of BIRRD (Balaji Institute of Surgery, Research and Rehabilitation for the Disabled).


Addressing a media conference at the new building of BIRRD on Friday he said all development works and treatment of all patients which were cut due to the COVID-19 environment has been revived at the BIRRD hospital.


He said, the unique surgery is being performed twice a month at BIRRD by experts Dr Balamurugan and Dr Rakesh from Chennai, Dr Hemant Kunar, Orthoscopy specialist from Bangalore, Dr Bhaskar Anand Kumar hand microvascular specialist of Udupi.


He said to provide more specialised services to cancer patients, the BIRRD has initiated steps to set up a Bone Bank.




Dr Reddy said that gone were days when waiting lists for kneecap operations were six months to 1 year. Now BIRRD is able to perform all operations including kneecap transplants including all tests with 48 hours.

Though the numbers had reduced due to COVID-19 guidelines, at present BIRRD is performing 20-25 surgeries per day and the number is likely to surge further.




Earlier BIRRD used to send patients to other hospitals for pre-anaesthesia tests (BP check). But now the laboratory at BIRRD has been modernised and cardiologist and physician have been appointed. To further strengthen the Anaesthesia department three specialist doctors of Assistant Professor rank have been roped in.




After the restrictions on travel and scare of Covid has reduced, the number of out patients has risen to 450-500 per day now.




TTD Chairman Sri YV Subba Reddy has agreed to provide free kneecap and other operations for BPL people. As a result, the polio, paralysis and disability operations were performed free of cost at the BIRRD. All kinds of fractures cases are also treated under ESI and Arogyasree schemes. Patients asked to bear only the cost of implants.



In order to reduce the number of waiting lists for operations the BIRRD has decided to set up three more operation theatres.


He said, TTD EO Dr KS Jawahar Reddy had extended all support for introducing efficient and patient-friendly software for implant purchases.


He said with the support of the TTD EO, the BIRRD has initiated steps to install 3D printing technology for artificial limbs production unit, CT scan and MRI equipments.


He said in order to provide cheaper medicines to patients the BIRRD has called for tenders to set up Generic Drugs shop and a general canteen in the hospital premises for benefit of patients and their family members.


Dr Reddy said BIRRD and AIIMS officials and doctors had two rounds of talks for training BIRRD doctors and para medics in latest medical technologies etc.


The BIRRD has also introduced cashless services including operations for TTD employees and also set apart 50 rooms specially for them.


The BIRRD has successfully launched the Bionic arm unit for those loosing their arms in accidents from December 3 as a result so far 25 patients are wait listed.


The BIRRD is organising its first camp at Ongole in Prakasam district on March 20, as part of its agenda to provide services.

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RMO Sri Kishore, Dr Chaitanya were present in the media conference.

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