Scared Flower Gardens for Srivari Rituals

Tirumala, 3 Feb. 21: With an aim to enhance the beauty of the precincts of Tirumala and also for the sake of daily worship of Lord Venkateswara, TTD has developed yet another sacred flower gardens in Hill Town.


This is coming up in a five acres area land near Bata Gangamma temple at Tirumala by the Garden department under the directions of TTD EO Dr KS Jawahar Reddy in the supervision of Additional EO Sri AV Dharma Reddy with sponsorship by donors.


TTD is growing all traditional flowers like Marigold, Vrukshi Roja, Lily, Madurai Jasmine, Kanakambaram, Manu sampangi, Tulasi, panner leaves and other aromatic leaves that are used in daily puja of Lord. 


The yield of these flowers and aromatic leaves will be available for pujas at Srivari temple from the months of April-May onwards.


TTD is also developing another Sri Venkateswara sacred flower garden atRs.1.5 crore by donors as depicted in Puranas in a 10-acre land near Shila Thoranam in Tirumala.


In this garden 25 varieties of aromatic plants including seven leaves Bananas plantation which are considered as most auspicious will also be grown apart from Tulasi, Darba, Sampangi, mango, Parijata etc.


Similarly, the TTD is developing Sri Venkateswara sandalwood gardens and Red Sanders near Gogarbham dam.


The TTD gardens department and the Forest department are coordinating efforts to promote greenery with green leaves and flower plants along ghat roads, Alipiri and Srivari Mettu footpaths leading to Tirumala.


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