Srivari Sevakulu Should Participate in TTD Dharmic Activities - TTD Addl.Eo

Tirumala, 23 Feb. 21: While appreciating the devoted services of Srivari Sevakulu, TTD Additional Sri AV Dharma Reddy called upon them to participate in TTD dharmic activities in their respective home turfs and extend their services as Custodians of Santana Dharma (Seva Dal).


Addressing the Srivari Sevakulu at Srivari Seva Sadan on Tuesday he said TTD aimed to utilise the services of Srivari Sevakulu in all its programs for promoting Sanatana Hindu dharma across the country by taking up unique programmes live Srinivasa Kalyanams, Kalyanamastu mass marriages for poor couple etc.


He was in all praise for Srivari Sevakulu who had rendered dedicated service during Ratha Sapthami at Tirumala held during last week, spiritual programs at organised by TTD at Kurnool, Visakhapatnam and Nellore etc.  


Referring to legends and Puranas, he spoke highly of Srivari Sevakulu as favourites of Lord Venkateswara and the lord always likes those who serve His bhaktas. He said Srivari Seva is a blessing for them to serve devotees for a week's time at Tirumala.


He urged them to spread information about facilities and their experiences at Tirumala in their regions and inspire more youth and devotees to enlist as Srivari Sevakulu.


TTD SE-2 Sri Nageswara Rao, EEs Sri Subramaniam, Sri Mallikarjuna Prasad, Sri Jaganmohan Reddy, DE (Electrical) Smt Saraswati, AEO Srivari Seva Sri Ramakanth Rao and others were present.


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