TTD To Place Purana Epics in Public Domain - TTD JEo

Tirupati, 23 Feb. 21: TTD Joint Executive Officer (Health & Education) Smt Sada Bhargavi has urged pundits to speed up the Telugu translation of epic Puranas to fulfill the TTD’s agenda of Sanatana Hindu Dharma propagation to place all such epics in the public domain within the stipulated time.


The JEO on Tuesday evening inspected the ongoing translation activity of Astadasa puranams at SVETA Bhavan.


Speaking, she directed officials to complete the translation of the Agni Puranam and publish it by Ugadi. 


Later OSD of the project Acharya Dakshinamurthy explained the progress of the translation work of Astadasha Puranam to the JEO.


Eminent pundits Dr Samudrala Lakshmaiah Dr K Surya Narayana, Dr S Satyanarayana Murthy, Dr K Pratap, Dr Suram Srinivasulu, Dr D Krishnamurthy, Dr G Prabhakar Sharma, Dr Trishulpani, Dr Samudrala Dasharath, and Sri SBS Pani also participated.

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